Welcome to the Submission Ace Championship!


Prepare yourselves for a tournament unlike any other before.

Top class grapplers

World class medals

One of a kind Absolute Championship Belts

Amazing Quintet Challenge Bracket

Just about all submissions legal

It’s coming!

Train hard and pre-register to save you spot for the best grappling event Western Canada has ever seen!

This is…


The upcoming Submission Ace Championship:  Winter Classic 2020 will be held in Blackfalds, Alberta.

The venue is: The Abbey Master Builder Centre. 4500 Womacks Road, Blackfalds, Alberta.



Online entry: For the 2020 Winter Classic, payment will be made on the Smooth Comp website ONLY.

Weigh ins will be WITHOUT the Gi on.

Brackets will be sorted by closest weight into 5 person divisions max.

Weight must be given as an estimate on the entry form and will be validated the day of the tournament by weighing in.  Actual weight must not exceed 3 pounds of estimate.

If your FINAL Division has a Weight Spread of 20 lbs. or more from the lightest to the heaviest person, it will be considered an OPEN WEIGHT division and you will not be held to your weight estimate.

On the Monday before the tournament, preliminary brackets will be made based on the aforementioned guidelines. Between this time and 8 pm Thursday night, all amendments to these divisions will be made according to the input of the competitors via email. Each competitor can view the preliminary brackets on the website once they have been posted. This will help to alleviate issues that arise primarily in the smaller divisions such as Kids, Teens, Women’s and Masters. There will be very little latitude given within the adult divisions as they will be the fullest and most brackets should have a full five person roaster. If a suitable bracket simply cannot be agreed upon, the competitor will have the option of a refund until 8 pm the Thursday night before the event. After that point, all brackets will be considered finalized and no refunds will be granted. Final brackets will be released on Friday, the day before the tournament. If a competitor is overweight by more than three pounds on the date of the event, they will be disqualified. If they are underweight, they will remain in the bracket they estimated for as of the final brackets released on the day before. Kids and Teens divisions will start at 8:30 am sharp. At this point, weigh ins for Kids and Teens will close. Adults division weigh ins will close at 11am.If you are NOT weighed in before your division weigh ins are closed, you will be disqualified.DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO WEIGH IN!We will stick firmly to this time line and do everything in our power to run the tournament as efficiently as possible.Again, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO day-of registrations!

Any questions, please feel free to ask, thank you.