Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weight classes?

Answer: The way divisions are made at the Submission Ace Championship is by “Closest Weight”. That is to say, once the online registration is closed, all the competitors within a specific category (ie: Adult White Belt, Master’s, Teens 13-17 etc) are broken into 5 person divisions starting with the first 5 lightest. Then the next 5 lightest after that will be the 2nd division within that category and so on. In this way, the weights within your bracket should be very close, sometimes within 1 or 2 pounds between all 5 competitors.

What if there are less than 5 people in my category?

Answer: Frequently, in those categories outside of the Adult divisions, there happen to be less than five compatible competitors to make a reasonable bracket. These anomalies will be discovered once the preliminary brackets are sent out on Monday, May 23rd. We will do our best to accommodate the competitors who find themselves in these situations. Email correspondence will be made between all those in question until a suitable solution is agreed upon. This may involve jumping up in skill/weight/age, joining the Adult pool in the case of women’s or Master’s, or if there is only one other person that makes sense to match against; doing a best of three bracket between the two to maximize match numbers. In the very rare case that there is simply no good option for a competitor, they will have until Thursday, May 26th at 8pm to ask for a refund. After that point, no further adjustments will be made. Final brackets will be released Friday the 27th.


Can I enter multiple divisions?

Answer: Generally speaking, this tournament is meant for a single entry. Being round robin ensures you have multiple matches. There are, however, a few situations where certain competitors can enter more than one division if they so choose.

1) A teenager at least 16 years of age, with their guardian’s permission, may enter the teen’s AND adult divisions.

2) A female competitor can enter both the woman’s AND adult divisions.


3) A master’s competitor can enter both the master’s AND adult divisions.

(Note: If you wish to enter a second division, please email after purchasing your first division entry. A discounted second entry will be provided to you.)

NOTE: To enter two divisions, you must pay for two entries. Also, in the case of adult Beginners, the woman’s and/or master’s divisions MAY overlap as they are both near the end of the event. If this happens and you paid to compete in both, you will have to choose which one you want to compete in and will be refunded for the division you can’t do. This, however, does NOT apply in the situation of after completing one of your two divisions, you no longer wish to compete in the other from fatigue, injury or time constraints. Only pay for two if you fully intend on competing in two as it will effect the bracket making process.