These are the rules of conduct for the tournament. Know them, follow them and you won’t have any issues. You may even have a good time!

Illegal actions/techniques

No biting, eye gouging, striking, hair pulling, small joint manipulation, slamming, spiking, yelling/arguing with the officials, striking the groin, fishhooking, attacking opponents before or after a match.

Illegal techniques:
Inside or outside heel hooks, can openers, chin picks, twisting knee bars, grabbing and crushing the wind pipe, tweaking the nose.

Additional Illegal techniques for White Belts:
– toe holds, Knee bars, twisters.

* Additional illegal techniques within younger age divisions. These rules can be found under the kid’s divisions section of the Divisions page.

Knee bars, Toe holds, Twisters and Slicers are not allowed until Intermediate Divisions.

Legal techniques:
Chokes, covering the mouth, shoulder locks, armbars, wrist locks, twisters, slicers, strait kneebars, strait ankle locks, toe holds, groin stretches.

Referees have the right to disqualify a competitor for any of these actions without warning. Warnings may be given if the infraction is deemed to be accidental. Only one warning will be given per type of infraction. No more than two warnings will be given within a match. The third infraction of any kind, accidental or not will be a disqualification from the match.

If a competitor gets DQed from two matches within the same division, they will be DQed from that division. If they are belligerent to the ref, they will be DQed from the event wholesale!
Ref’s are the law, treat them with the utmost respect!